A simple game, but huge amounts of fun!

Played by over 100,000 people all over the world, and one of the fastest growing sports in the world.


  • Games take place on a football pitch, with two teams of 7.
  • Each team aims to catch the disc in their opposing team’s ‘endzone’, on opposite ends of the pitch. Think American football.
  • Pass the disc around, like you would in football. However, if you have the disc, you can’t move.
  • You have 10 seconds to throw the disc.
  • That’s it!

Spirit of the game

Ultimate Frisbee is a self-refereed game, even at the highest levels.

The responsibility for fair-play and sportsmanship are solely on the players themselves, and it is assumed that all players are acting honestly at all times.

Hopelessly idealistic? They have underpinned the game since the beginning, and works successfully at all levels.